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Counselling takes place in a caring, supportive atmosphere where you are valued and respected.

You may feel confused or experience inner turmoil and conflict. Life’s changes and problems may seem overwhelming and decisions on what is best for you may seem impossible. You may come to counselling feeling depressed, anxious, hurt, and angry or you may have experience loss, stress or trauma. You may have a social or gender issue or feel you lack self esteem, purpose or meaning. At times, we all need the opportunity for reflection and self-exploration to assist personal growth and self-awareness.

Counselling can enable you to know yourself better, help you to make decisions and to cope with any changes that may be occurring in your life.

Counselling is a partnership to help you explore and pursue your personal goals and aims in life. Personal, family and social issues can all be explored. The emphasis is on helping you to make informed choices and decisions. The focus is on the present issues you feel are important, which may mean exploring the past. Pain may not be taken away but may become easier to bear. Past hurts may be eased.

Counselling is a shared process. Issues, priorities and the number of sessions are negotiated. Evaluation of progress takes place at agreed intervals. Counselling sessions take place in a quiet private room and confidentiality is respected at all times. The Initial session last approximately 90 minutes. Any further session take place once a week and last about 50 minutes. The duration of counselling will vary with your needs and aims. Short term counselling, focusing on one issue, may last for four sessions, whereas self-exploration may take much longer.

Let me help you to help yourself